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Fébruary 11 2016  | By Simon Coutu | Topo/interview video with the artistMark Jenkins at l’Arsenal.
« Today - The life and death struggle of Muslims who want to leave their faith behind, a Russian opposition leader gets a cake in the face, we talk to street artist Mark Jenkins about getting a rise out of ordinary people and the cops, and a woman who's helping Japanese gangsters leave a life of crime behind with prosthetic pinky fingers. »

THE GAZETTE | Montreal, Province of the Quebec
By John Pohl, Special to The Gazette | Article illustré sur le festival | « Must art be appealing? Must it seduce you into paying attention to its message? That is the theme of Art souterrain, which opens on Nuit blanche – Feb. 27 – and continues for three weeks along a seven-kilometre path through Montreal’s underground city.  Art souterrain has expanded to the above-ground world, with 10 sites stretching from the Arsenal, where works from a private collection will be shown, to Art Mûr and the de Gaspé complex of artist-run centres. (…)

CANADIAN ART | Canada's most widely read art magazine
February 24, 2016 | By Leah Sandals | Features | Articleen anglais sur le festival, appuyé d’une entrevue avec Frédéric Loury | « How to Turn Your Local Mall into an Art Space »

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THE GAZETTE | Montreal, Province of the Quebec
February 9 2016  

THE GAZETTE | Montreal, Province of the Quebec
February 21 2016  

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Radio Canada International| Radio Canada International (Interview in espagnol)  

THE GAZETTE | Montreal, Province of the Quebec
March 6 2016  

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THE CONCORDIAN | Journal étudiant anglophone, Université Concordia

THE NEW YORK TIMES | Art’s beat, The culture at large



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